(Recommended ratio of 1:7)        

Invented by engineer Alan Adler of Aerobie Frisbee fame, the AeroPress is the newest additions to brewing methods. The portable and lightweight AeroPress brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are: at home, office or on a road trip. This particular method is best when you are out in the field or if you do not have a scale. It only needs manual pressure method with medium grind coffee. Simply, the AeroPress is just an easy and entertaining way to brew a cup of espresso-like coffee. Check out this fabulous apparatus in our merchandise section.


  • Total immersion permits extraction at a moderate temperature, resulting in a smoother brew.
  • Air pressure shortens filtering time to 20 seconds.


  • Reduced control over how long the coffee brews.
  • The brew time results in the coffee being only lukewarm by the time you drink it.                     

Preparation steps:                          

1. Grind the Beans on a medium to fine (espresso-like ground) gradient. (BLACKCoffee recommends Colombia Huila / El Carmelo beans for this methods or South American Blend) 2. Put the two compartments together and open the bigger end (the one containing the filter).
3. Pour in 18g of fresh coffee grounds in the upper part. 4. Pour hot water till the labelled number.
5. Allow it to infuse for at least one minute while stirring. 6. Soak the paper filter with hot water and attach it to the plastic filter.
7. Invert the apparatus and allow steady pressure to pour into a doppio cup.


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