Café Younes began its journey more than 85 years ago dedicated to sourcing, roasting and crafting the perfect cup while fostering an exceptional culture of human connections.


BLACKCoffee by Café Younes is the extension of the Café Younes brand, with the ambition of strengthening its coffee authority, elevating its customers’ experience, and investing for the long term.

Before carefully selecting and roasting our coffee at BLACKCoffee, the beans go through three major steps, which are – Growing, Harvesting, and Processing.

The methods of growing coffee and the origins are fundamental to appreciating and understanding the taste in any cup of coffee. The coffee tree is a tropical evergreen shrub that grows between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, in about 70 countries that offer suitable climates and altitudes. The two most commercially important species grown are the varieties of Coffea Arabica (Arabicas) and Coffea Canephor (Robusta). The major differences between Arabica and Robusta depend on the altitude where the trees are grown.

After the trees are cultivated with care for about three to five years, it becomes time to harvest the fruit. The trees flower and produce fruit known as coffee cherries.

To become beans, coffee cherries need to be processed. Processing methods vary around the world, but the main methods are the dry process (often referred to as “natural”) which is the process that precedes the roasting of our speciality beans, or the wet process (either “washed” or “pulped natural”). Once the beans are flawlessly processed  to bring out the ultimate flavor, the beans are ready for roasting.


Roasting coffee beans awakens the sense of smell at the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee beans, and builds anticipation at the sounds of the coffee bean cracking during the roasting process.   

Undoubtedly, the best tasting coffee in the world is made from Arabica beans which are naturally mild and aromatic, with a rich round pallet and imbued with subtle and varied flavors. Robusta beans yield a harsher, bitter tasting cup with significantly more caffeine. This is why we make sure to bring only premium quality Arabica beans to our coffee roaster so we can serve the delicately brewed coffee into your cups.

BLACKCoffee offers you the chance to become a part of the process of transforming coffee beans into your favorite drink. Visit one of our branches today to interact with the live roasting experience that takes place daily.