Pour Over - Manual Brew (V60 / Kalita Wave)

(recommended ratio of 1:17)

It is the brewer’s championship special!

This elegant and versatile dripping brewer is one of the simplest for those who want to perfect the pour. It is great for those who are looking for complete control over brewing extraction. The key here is to pour slowly. The entire brew process for a 12 oz. mug takes about three minutes. This method uses a medium-coarse grind and a nice paper filter (or any other paper substitute).                                                  


  • Produces delectable coffee that can highlight the aromas and special aftertastes of a specific origin.


  • Needs practice and is very sensitive to the amount of water added with respect to time.                                    

Preparation steps:

1. Ground your fresh beans on a medium gradient (BLACKCoffee recommends Panama Geisha medium roast beans, or Ethiopia Guji Shakiso).
2. Pour in 28g of coffee grounds into the paper filter.
3. Pour water slowly and distribute the water through the coffee to allow it to channel through the grounds.
4. Serve in a mug.

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