Moka Pot (Cafetiere)

(Recommended ratio of 1:7)

The hexagonal design by Alfonso Bialetti has been the most common ever since its creation in 1933. It is a manual brewing method that is both easy and enjoyable and produces a home-made espresso.


  • easy
  • convenient
  • low-tech and cheap


  • Does not produce true crema                                                                               

Preparation steps

1. Ground the Beans on a fine to medium gradient (BLACKCoffee recommends Costa Rica Tarrazu medium roasted beans or Nicaragua Guadalupana) 2. Fill the lower compartment of the stove top with hot water until it reaches the tiny hole on its side.
3. Pour 18g of freshly ground coffee into the basket on top of the lower compartment of the stove top. This is available for retail at BLACK Coffee by Cafe Younes 4. Close the two compartments firmly and allow it to get heated on a stove or sand box.
5. Wait for few seconds after the coffee moves from the lower to the upper part. 6. Pour the coffee into a cup and serve.


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