Rakweh (Lebanese Coffee)

(Ratio 1:10)

This method is prepared by almost everyone in the Arab region and a favourite of  Lebanese people. Originally invented in the Ottoman Empire around 1640, it was previously considered a royal beverage before becoming available to the masses. It can be considered the Middle Eastern method that uses an extremely fine grind and is usually served with or without cardamom.                


  • Thick body
  • Surprisingly mild flavor
  • Pleasurable brewing process


  • A good deal of sediment at the bottom of the cup.

Preparation steps:

1. Ground the Beans on the finest degree available (flour like).
You can use one of the best beans for this brewing method that is the Yemen Haraaz beans or Marjeiouni Blend.
2. Get 3 spoons (~ 12g) of your grounds and put them in a Rakweh and stir well.
3. Put the Rakweh on a heat source (hot sand) and allow it to boil 3 times. 4. Slowly, add more water to the Rakweh to allow proper ratios.
5. Serve in traditional middle eastern cups.


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