(Recommended ratio of 1:16)

Also called a vacuum pot, it is a beautiful and flashy way to make great coffee. Invented in Germany in the early 19th century, it’s a full immersion brewer that also employs a metal or cloth filter, so you end up with a full-bodied and clean cup. This brew method can be rather tricky, but with some practice, it can certainly be mastered. This  brewing method requires precise temperature, attention, and skill. But the results are well-worth the effort-with some experts proclaiming it’s the best you can brew.


  • It is a very sensory experience
  • Users can control variables
  • The coffee’s aroma is more intense


  • It’s delicate and not easy to store
  • Requires a lot of clean-up

Preparation steps:

1. Ground the fresh beans on a coarse gradient (BLACKCoffee recommends Mocha Java Blend or Panama Hurutungo beans) 2. Pour in 21g of coffee grounds into the upper cylindrical apparatus of the syphon. You can check the dynamics of the apparatus in our merchandise section.

3. Pour hot (non-boiling) water in the lower spherical compartment.

4. Turn on the flame below the lower compartment and allow water to boil.

5. Close the apparatus firmly and allow water to get to the upper compartment.

6. Stir well for 30 seconds.

 7. Turn off the flame and allow the coffee to be filtered to the lower compartment again.

8. Detach the two compartments and pour into a glass


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